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Historical Fantasy By T.E. Padgett
To Brave the Prevailing Dark Series

To Brave the Prevailing Dark Book 1 3 Pooches Publishing
To Brave the Prevailing Dark Book II from 3 Pooches Publishing

  It is the year 1866, the height of the Victorian era, and the rise of the second industrial revolution. Remnants of the Old World fade into memory as mankind welcomes in the new conveniences of modern science and technology. But an ancient evil, from before the dawn of man, remains ever present and sinister forces gather to usher in the end times.

The Darkness stirs…

In New York, a young man named William suddenly finds himself facing insurmountable odds when he discovers that his destiny is tied to the fate of the world. With long-forgotten beings of a bygone era beginning to emerge, and his way seemingly hindered at every step, he will embark on a journey that will reveal the truth of his own origins and leave him with an ultimatum that could mark the destruction of humanity and open the gates to Hell itself.

The Darkness calls…

As shadows move within shadows, and enemies close in, William must decide whether he will trust in faith or give in to fear. Will he succumb to the overpowering evil that threatens to envelop him? Or will he find the strength to stand with courage and brave the prevailing dark?

The Darkness awaits.

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About the Author

T.E. Padgett Author

T.E. Padgett lives in southern New Mexico with his wife and two ferrets. He has no formal education and has had to learn everything he knows the hard way.


He spends most of his time yelling at his computer, singing in the shower, and driving his poor wife crazy. When he is not engaged in foolish shenanigans he can be found wandering aimlessly around the local Wal-Mart.


He has spent the last 30 years surrounded by cretins and miscreants and occasionally works as a defense contractor for the United States military.

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