Updated: Apr 25

3 Pooches Publishing is pleased to announce all proceeds from the sale of "Beyond the Goat Trails" in 2020 will be donated to a charity inspired by Saint Benedict Jospeh Labre in El Paso helping the homeless called Benedicts' Back Pax.

Benedict's Back Pax provides back packs filled with supplies to those living on the streets during the winter months in El Paso.

Tito Cruz survived with his four brothers until the streets of Santo Domingo left him alone to fend for himself.

His only happy memory from youth was playing baseball with his brothers in a patch of dirt next to a church.

A missionary couple offered him the chance to escape the island and enroll in college to play baseball.

Tito signed with the Houston Astros but squandered many opportunities attempting to drown his demons from childhood.

Will Tito accept the invitation to play a round of golf at Goat Trails Golf Club from the mysterious messenger in the fiction book Beyond the Goat Trails?

Goat Trails Golf Club hides a sinister secret.

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