Updated: Oct 17

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Mr Smilodon, dresses impeccability in bespoke suits from Milan with ruby cuff links, a crimson pocket square and spotless dress shoes shined to a mirror image.

His well coiffed head of white hair sits above two alert eyes with the sharpness of a bird of

prey. He moves with the grace of a European nobleman and conveys a powerful presence when he smiles revealing oversize white canines.

His age is unknown but rumors are he retired from a profession of intrigue and power whose passion for golf led him to Goat Trails Golf Club.

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Tito Cruz survived with his four brothers until the streets of Santo Domingo left him alone to fend for himself.

His only happy memory from youth was playing baseball with his brothers in a patch of dirt next to a church.

A missionary couple offered him the chance to escape the island and enroll in college to play baseball.

Tito signed with the Houston Astros but squandered many opportunities attempting to drown his demons from childhood.

Will Tito accept the invitation to play a round of golf at Goat Trails Golf Club from the mysterious messenger in the fiction book Beyond the Goat Trails?