Three months into the launch of Benedict's Back Pax and I am amazed at the generosity. The following is an update on how your donations are helping the homeless in El Paso.

  1. Benedict’s Back Pax purchased 4 Outdoor Products backpacks and supplies for each pack with your donations.

The Outdoor Products 25 liter backpack with a lifetime warranty is durable and offers plenty of volume for the supplies with additional room-please see the attached pic.

  1. Benedict’s Back Pax domain name and landing page hosting fees are funded through 2021 because of your help.

100% of your Donation goes towards 2020 funding goals:

  • 12 Backpacks and supplies

  • Professional Website

  • Register Benedict’s Back Pax with the IRS as a 501c3 Non-profit Organization

Thank You for Passing the Peace,


“Smilodon, turn on the lights. The torches don’t provide enough light to see,” the senator said.

Mr Smilodon sensed the senator was scared from the tone of his words. “Your eyes will adjust. The soft glow of torch light calms the caddies,” Mr Smilodon said.

The heavy steel doors slid closed. A loud "thunk" echoed through the barn as the lock tumblers fell into place.

“This is a setup; I want out of here! Turn on the lights and open the door!”

“Tito, it is too late. You have committed to this path,” Mr Smilodon said with a calm voice.

“You can’t detain me here! Open the door!” Tito said with a panicked voice.

Updated: Apr 25

3 Pooches Publishing is pleased to announce all proceeds from the sale of "Beyond the Goat Trails" in 2020 will be donated to a charity inspired by Saint Benedict Jospeh Labre in El Paso helping the homeless called Benedicts' Back Pax.

Benedict's Back Pax provides back packs filled with supplies to those living on the streets during the winter months in El Paso.

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